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Labels for Education was first created by the Campbell Soup corporation. The program has now expanded to include other product partners. Coupons are incorporated into the UPC code. These are worth valuable Points to ILS. The points are used to purchase merchandise out of the Lables for Education catalog. While this program does not pay out in cash – it does help keep the costs of Education down by allowing ILS to spend cash on other necessary items. 

Labels for Education coupons can be found on many products – not just soup! Products such as Dannon, Glad and Emerals Nuts are the latest to join this program. A full list of products can be found on the Lables for Education webiste: LablesforEducation.com. In addition, you can find great recepies and often coupons for these products. 

For more information or to find out how you can help get involved you can contact Sara Hoffmann, Lables for Education coordinator or Donna Seeger, Assistant coordinator. Or visit the website for more information and to track our progress: LablesforEducation.com.